Philadelphia Area Traffic Tickets – Is It Worth Hiring A Lawyer?

No one likes that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see those flashing blue and red lights behind you in the rear view mirror. The vast majority of drivers violate the driving code in one way or another every time they get in their car, whether it’s speeding, not stopping completely at a stop sign or any one of dozens of other possible infractions.

So what do you do after you’re issued a ticket? First, you need to understand what you’re being charged with and what the repercussions of paying the ticket might be. Our traffic team is part of our larger and well known criminal defense team. While most people don’t consider traffic tickets to be crimes, they are dealt with the same way. Most of the calls that come into our firm are from people that paid their tickets, some suggesting that the officer promised there would be no points. We get the call after the client gets a letter from PennDOT saying that points have been assigned and they realize their insurance rates are going to increase dramatically.

First, you need to realize that, contrary to popular belief, the police are under no duty to tell you the truth during a traffic stop. In fact, they can lie right to you about the ticket itself if they think it will end the stop without a confrontation. Now, we have very good relationships with many officers, and the vast majority are actually good guys who work hard on the job and deserve our respect and praise, but there are a few that are less integrity driven.

The bottom line is that it is worth talking to an experienced and knowledgable traffic attorney before deciding what to do with your ticket. The benefit of working with a firm as serious as ours is that we do not have time or energy to take money from people unless we  know that we can provide a benefit. Call us for a quick consult. Let us immediately determine based on the charge, the facts, the officer and the judge, whether we believe it is worth hiring us. Incidentally, all our traffic cases are handled for a flat fee, and most for less than $450.